Reasons why you should be interested in CMS Kursorek

Ease of use

To manage your new website, you do not need to have technical knowledge about creating websites. It is enough to know any text editor, e.g. Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, etc. You edit the content in a place where it is visible to visitors. There is no separate administration panel, and you set the elements using the drag and drop method.

In 15 minutes from implementation to publication

After creating an account, the service is ready to work. If the content is prepared, all you have to do is copy it, complete the photos and attachments and publish it.

Very high expansion possibilities

In the basic package, we have the ability to place 100 subpages of the website, 100 photos and 1GB of attachments. You can delegate website updates to any number of people. You can create user accounts yourself and check their activities in the event log.

Extensive website statistics

Thanks to them, we can check the level of popularity of our website and find out what prompted the visit (from which website the visitors were directed, what browser they use, how much time they spent on our website and what was the order of visited pages). You can read more about it in the statistics topic.

SEO support

Ability to change important page parameters such as: title, description, keywords, sitemaps. Assigning a title for each subpage individually. You will confirm the correctness of code generation and SEO support using the best validators, i.e. Google's Page Speed Insights tool or Nu Html checker of the W3C organization.

Many modules: news, calendar, videos, gallery

Thanks to these modules, we can save the history of changes on our website, notify about upcoming events, publish videos from Youtube in an organized manner or organize photos using the structure of categories and albums.


It complies with the guidelines of the WCAG 2.1 standard. Thanks to this, even public institutions can run their websites or Public Information Bulletins in it. The village's degree of accessibility can be confirmed by an independent WAVE tool (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool).

Responsiveness (RWD)

Pages can be viewed and edited on any screen size. They look good on smartphones, tablets and computers. We used the latest Bootstrap package for this purpose.

Everything in one place

The system is available under the ASP (Application Service Provider) license. This means that everything is placed on our servers, and you do not have to worry about the availability of the service and making backup copies. In addition, we have introduced mechanisms for viewing and restoring previous versions of websites. If you change or delete something by using it - don't worry, you will restore it yourself.

Always up-to-date system version

Work on improving the software of the CMS Kursorek system is continued. Due to the licensing method (ASP), you always have access to the most up-to-date version.


By using templates, changing colors, replacing banners and using your own styles, you can make your website look unique.

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